Neonatal Universal Circuit Holder


The Poltex Neonatal Universal Circuit Holder aids in securing oscillator (HFOV), ventilator and IV tubing in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) isolette or warmer. Wheel rotates and/or slides up and down in a slot for easy adjustment.  Wheel holds firmly in place with aluminum cam lever.  Brass hardware and PETG construction makes this unit MRI SAFE.

Circuit Holder is secured under the mattress on any side of an open warmer or incubator, and can be easily moved to accommodate any procedure. Helps to eliminate makeshift solutions (e.g. tubing taped to stacked pillows and/or blankets) to relieve tubing pressure on infant.

  • Dimensions: Base is 4inch wide x 8.5inch tall. Wheel is 6 inch diameter.  Ventilator tubing slots are 9/16 in diameter.  Oscillator tubing slots are 1 inch diameter.   IV (or other) tubing slots are 3/16 in wide.
  • Constructed from super break-resistant 1/4in thick PETG.  
  • Sanitize with standard bleach (<5%), or alcohol wipes. 

The Neonatal Universal Circuit Holder is meant to be used with stationary patients to prevent tangling or dislodging of tubes or lines.  If you feel it is unsafe to use this product on a patient due to risk of movement beyond the slack in tubing, this product might not be appropriate for the application.  For use by only trained and licensed individuals in the care of neonates. This product does not make any medical claims and should only be used as an enhancement to properly working equipment. 

 Directions for use:

  1. Position NUCH (Neonatal Universal Circuit Holder) between equipment and patient.
    1. Tuck the “foot” of the NUCH under the mattress to hold in place.
  2. Adjust the height and rotation of the wheel using the brass wing nut to best suite application, tubing, height, etc.
  3. Insert tubing into NUCH. 
    1. Choose appropriate notch size relative to tubing, taking care NOT to crimp or crush tubing. 
    2. The NUCH slot should only slightly depress the tubing wall.
    3. Leave enough slack in tubing lines between patient and holder to prevent dislodging of any tubes or lines.
    4. If your tubing does not fit the slots, do not use this product.

Also known as an Angel Frame, Circuit Tree

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