Medical Cart Organizer Insert


USA made!  SUPER DURABLE and VERSATILE medical cart drawer organizer inserts come in 3 heights to fit different drawers on the cart.  Constructed from durable polycarbonate, these drawer inserts are "infinitely" dividable.  Optional sub-dividers allow for virtually any configuration you might want.  Optional risers allow for smaller/shorter products to be stored and brought to the surface easier.  Dividers move easily from position to position and hold securely in place.  THESE DIVIDERS WILL NOT FAIL OVER TIME!

This size was designed for Metro Basix Carts or similar, so see image for dimensions to see if it will fit your brand.  (If it doesn't, let us know and we can design an insert for your cart brand.  We design and build all products here in the US, so we can make exactly what you need at no extra charge).


Comes in a variety of combination units plus extra divider packs.  Call or email us as virtually any size/configuration is possible.  

NOTE:  We recommend that you purchase a Starter Pack, then use this starter configuration to decide on what additional dividers, sub-dividers and/or risers you will need. Contact Poltex at, or 541-636-0802 and we can assist you with a layout and/or quote for additional dividers.  Also, we can change the dimensions of this product to fit your cart brand/size.

Choose From

  • 2.5in Tall (designed for 3in tall drawers)
  • 5in Tall  (designed for 6in tall drawers)
  • 6.5in Tall (designed for 9in tall drawers)

This product can be customized to any cart brand on the market.  Give us a call at 541-678-0534, or email us at

Metro Basix, Alimed, Harloff, Detecto, CME MAYA, Lakeside, Sharn.


Call for volume discount on orders of 10 or more

Category: healthcare, lab

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