Hand Sanitizer Multi Station


Durable powder-coated steel stand holds touch free hand sanitizer pump unit.  Side "saddle bags" hold wipes, tissues, gloves, etc.  Divided compartment for smaller bags of wipes, or tissues.  Metal stand can fit Poltex magnetic accessories (mask box holder, glove box holder, tissue box holder, etc.)

Choose from 

  • With EcoLab Nexa Touch Free hand sanitizer dispenser:  SDLMAG4-3STL
  • No dispenser (you can mount your own with included VHB Tape):  SDLMAG4-TF-3STL

See image for dimensions.  

Call or email for volume discount on orders of 10+.

Call or email for customization.

Touch Free Dispenser

Call for volume discount on orders of 10 or more

Category: healthcare

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