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Exam Room Organizer (Adjustable Glove Box, Tissue Box, Business Cards, Pens)


Organize common exam room items in this wall mounted unit to free up valuable counter top space to keep your exam room organized. Keep key patient care items in the right place at the right time, every time.  

See image for compartment dimensions and overall dimensions.
Holds one large box of tissue, or two half size boxes.

Holds pens or other implements and two stacks of business cards.

Holds up to three boxes of gloves.  Glove box holder portion is easily adjustable from 8.5 in up to 12.5 inches to accommodate different sizes of glove boxes.

Tissue box slides in from the left or top.

Constructed out of 1/4in thick, super-durable, flame-polished acrylic.  


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Category: healthcare, lab

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