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Glove Box Holder ST (Wall Mount)


Break-resistant PETG Glove Box Holder ST (wall mount).  ADA Compliant:  the wall mount glove box holder ST protrudes exactly 4in.  Choose from 1 to 4 boxes of gloves (capacity).  

Pre-drilled holes for wall mounting. This glove box dispenser is highly break resistant.   Positioned vertically or horizontally, change out glove boxes with ease (each glove box slides into its own pocket).

Inside pocket dimension: 3.75in D x 5.5in W x 9.5in T
Overall Dimension: 4in D x 10.187in T x......

LO-01005A:  Glove Box Holder ST (1 box): 5.9in Wide

LO-01005B:  Glove Box Holder ST (2 box): 11.75in Wide

LO-01005C:  Glove Box Holder ST (3 box): 17.25in Wide

LO-01005D:  Glove Box Holder ST (4 box): 22.75in Wide

Glove Box Capacity

Call for volume discount on orders of 10 or more

Category: healthcare, lab

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