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Respiratory Hygiene Station: L


This Respiratory Hygiene Station comes equipped with an 8.5x11in sign holder, QuikCare Foam Canister bracket and drip tray, and room for multiple small tissue boxes and a box of masks.

Tissue compartment is 7.5T x 6.125W x 4.25D (fits eight boxes of Attends or McKesson 4T x 6W x 1D tissue boxes, stacked two tall and 4 deep). Mask compartment is 7.5T x 4.25W x 4.25D (fits Kimberly Clark 47117, Medline, or Hallyard Mask).  Mask and tissue compartments are open top.  

HS-12105-s:  Respiratory Hygiene Station L (stand mount)  (comes with Acrylic Stand)

HS-12105-w:  Respiratory Hygiene Station L (wall mount)

HS-12105-ct:  Respiratory Hygiene Station L (countertop)


Mounting Method

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