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Glove Box Holder ST Short (Wall Mount)


Poltex's own Short Glove Box Holder (wall mount).  Choose from 1 to 4 boxes of gloves (capacity). 

Pre-drilled holes for wall mounting. Poltex's own Short Glove Box Holder. Made from durable acrylic. At only 7 inches tall, this glove design allows mounting in tight spaces while still allowing you to easily re-stock the glove boxes. Only 15-16inches of total vertical space required to change out boxes.  Also works well for higher mounting and easier re-stock.

Individual inside pocket dimension: 3.75in D x 5.5in W x 7in T
Overall Dimension: 4.25in D x 7.187in T x......

1 box: 5.875in Wide (LO-01005A-S)
2 box: 11.75in Wide (LO-01005B-S)
3 box: 17.25in Wide (LO-01005C-S)
4 box: 22.75in Wide (LO-01005D-S)

Glove Box Capacity

Call for volume discount on orders of 10 or more

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