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Glove Box Holder ST Short (w/ Magnets)


Poltex's own Short Glove Box Holder (magnet mount).  Choose from 1 to 4 boxes of gloves (capacity). 

Comes with powerful magnets for mounting.  Magnets allow for maximum mounting options on BSC, tissue culture hood, lab equipment, file cabinets, etc.   Made from durable acrylic. At only 7 inches tall, this glove design allows mounting in tight spaces while still allowing you to easily re-stock the glove boxes. Only 15-16inches of total vertical space required to change out boxes.  Also works well for higher mounting and easier re-stock.

Individual inside pocket dimension: 3.75in D x 5.5in W x 7in T
Overall Dimension: 4.125in D x 7.2in T x......

1 box: 5.875in Wide (LO-01005A-S-m)
2 box: 11.75in Wide (LO-01005B-S-m)
3 box: 17.25in Wide (LO-01005C-S-m)
4 box: 22.75in Wide (LO-01005D-S-m)

Glove Box Capacity

Call for volume discount on orders of 10 or more

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