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4 Pocket Serological Pipette Holder (PETG)


4 Pocket Serological Pipette Holder.  Choose from powerful, interchangeable magnet mount, 3M VHB (very high bond) tape mount, or countertop placement. Add a pipette filler bracket to any version (bracket mounts to either side).

Break-resistant PETG construction.  PETG material is resistant to alcohols for cleaning. Shelves are removable for easy cleaning.

LO-17013-A: 4 Pocket Serological Pipette Holder (adhesive strip mount)---VHB Tape mounts to either side.
LO-17013-B: 4 Pocket Serological Pipette Holder (counter top)
LO-17013-M: 4 Pocket Serological Pipette Holder (w/ magnets)---Magnets mount to either side of unit with threaded screw holes.

Add bracket for Pipette Controller which attaches using pre-drilled hole pattern.

Overall dimension: 15.9inch Tall x 11inch Deep x 4.8 inch Wide


Call for volume discount on orders of 10 or more

Category: healthcare, lab

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