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Deluxe Sign Holder


Our deluxe poster holder is made of 1/8inch thick clear acrylic. This sturdy poster holder mounts to a wall surface to protect the document inside.  Mounts in portrait or landscape orientation.  Fits 8.5x11in or 11x17in document

HS-01075A:  8.5 x 11in Deluxe Sign Holder (holes)

HS-01075A-T:  8.5 x 11in Deluxe Sign Holder (w/foam tape)

HS-01075D:  11 x 17in Deluxe Sign Holder (holes)

HS-01075D-T:  11 x 17in Deluxe Sign Holder (w/foam tape)

Inside size is 11 1/8 x  x 17 1/8 to accommodate an 11 x 17in document.  Poster holder is 1/8inch thick (front to back) so it can hold several sheets of paper if needed.

Tape is 3M;brand VHB (very high bond) for tape version.


Mounting Method

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Category: healthcare, lab

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