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AMOS Respiratory Hygiene Station Type 1


Introducing the AMOS (Adaptive Magnetic Organization System) Respiratory Hygiene Station.  Our Respiratory Hygiene Stations (aka Cough Stations, Flu Stations, Respiratory Etiquette Stations) display CDC infection prevention items and signage for your patients and visitors.  
Mount holders for your consumables (masks, tissues, signage, hand sanitizer, gloves) to our heavy duty, powder-coated metal stand with powerful magnets for easy install.  Should your  consumables change in the future, you can change out an individual holder with ease.  

The Type 1 Station shown here is designed to hold

  • 4 boxes of "Attends" tissues (one toward the user, 3 for back up)
  • One box of cone masks (Hallyard, Medline or equivalent)
  • One 15oz EcoLab QuickCare Foam hand sanitizer can.
  • One 8.5x11in sign (over your cough or site specific info)


  • Stand is 35in Tall, bracket is 18 in wide
  • Tissue boxes that go in the holder are 3.75in Wide x 6in tall x 1in deep.  
  • Mask box that goes in the holder is 4.5in Wide x 6.5in Tall x 4.5in Deep.  

Supplied with padlocks (all keyed the same) to deter theft of consumables.  

Stand assembles with ease with just a few screws.  Non slip rubber feet on base for a secure placement.

We can build any holder to display virtually any consumable.  We are constantly expanding our product offerings, so we don't charge any more to make you a custom holder.  Inquire at

Benefits of AMOS

  • Powerful magnet mounted holders can be swapped out should consumable type or size change in the future. 
  • Secure: Holders are available with locking mechanism, or without - Powerful magnets are strong enough to detour visitors from 'acquiring' holders for themselves.    
  • Heavy duty stand is appropriate for high traffic areas.
  • Quantity discounts on 10+ and 50+ units.
  • Select from our existing holders to suit your exact make up of consumables and signage or…..
  • WE CAN DESIGN AND BUILD HOLDERS TO SUIT YOUR EXACT NEEDS AND CONSUMABLES AT NO EXTRA COST.  We value custom fabrication as a way to continue to expand our product offerings, so we don’t charge any more for custom jobs.  All of our items are designed and built in house, in Oregon, USA so the process is quick and easy!  
We can accommodate any product, size, shape, or color.  Just ask at

Call for volume discount on orders of 10 or more

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