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Small and Large Combo Laboratory Wipe Holder


Poltex's very own Small and Large Combination Laboratory Wipe Holder holds one box of large and one box of small wipes to keep both popular sizes easily accessible wherever you need them.  Side cut-out allows easy change-out of boxes.

Super durable 3/16in thick PETG construction.   Holds two popular wipe box sizes: large and small. Our unique side cut-out design allows the user to change out the lower small box individually without having to remove the upper large box. Enclosed base allows for mounting vertically or horizontally.  See image for dimensions.


Call or e-mail for volume discount:  541-636-0802,


Item #:

COMBOLAB-W:  Small and Large Combo Laboratory Wipe Holder (PETG, Wall Mount)

COMBOLAB-M:  Small and Large Combo Laboratory Wipe Holder(PETG, w/Magnets)



 Fits Kimwipes or similar laboratory wipes. 



Mounting Method

Call for volume discount on orders of 10 or more

Category: healthcare, lab

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